CL/14.1m/1240ft 07.02.10.

Pete Swaine is the new king of the Charnwood Hills having had a second, two thirds and a fourth in the last four years. Unavoidable changes to the course meant it was longest in the 24 years of the Bowline Climbing Club’s race. Loughborough triathlete Joel Jameson led the runners out on to the fields in heavy going with Swaine in close pursuit and they soon opened up a gap. Jameson led through Bradgate Park, over Broombriggs Hill and around Beacon Hill with Swain only 10 yards behind. On the return through Bradgate Park the heavy going took its toll on Jameson and Swaine passed him and held on for a well deserved win in 1.27.22, with Jameson second in 1.27.53. Craig Mattocks of Wooton Road Runners was third in 1.31.34, whilst his team mate , Kate Jenkins took the women’s race in 1.40.25, with Barrow’s Emily Ault second and Sally Newman running for Calder Valley third. A record number of 436 finished. (Howard Pymm)

1. Pete Swain Charwood A.C. 1.27.22

2. Joel Jameson Running Fox 1.27.53

3. Craig Mattocks Wooton R.R. 1.31.34

4. D.Cross Sutton in Ashfield O/40 1.31.50

5. S. Newport Blackheath and Bromley O/40 1.34.19

6. A.Webster West End 0/40 1.34.46

7 .G. Moffatt Dark Peak O/40 1.35.23

8. N. Cobley Road Hoggs 1.36.35

9. R. Sheen Leicester Coritanian O/40 1.36.43.

10. J. Folland Unattached 1.37.32

M. Veteran O/50

D. Wilkinson FRA 1.39.33

M. Veteran O/60

T. Challoner Fleckney and Kibworth 1.55.45

M. Veteran O/70

G. Oliver Hinckley R.C. 2.12.50


1. Kate Jenkins Wooton R.R. O/35 1.40.25

2. Emily Ault Barrow 1.45.46

3. Sally Newman Calder Valley O/45 1.46.16

4. L. Porter West End O/45 1.49.05

5. G. Vaughan Leicester Tri O/45 1.50.12

F. Veteran O/55

C. Wright Corby A.C. 2.08.28

436 finished.